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6 Tips to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

For promoting business, people are using frequently and also successfully the social media marketing strategy as it provides them with the scope to reach to millions of potential consumers within shortest possible time period. Facebook and Instagram are being used widely to achieve marketing targets by many small and big business enterprises.

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app and social network that was created in the year 2010 by founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. In 2012, Facebook purchased the service for $1 billion, and as of September 2015, Instagram had over 400 million users, as per the news of CNN. This article aims to get the readers well acquainted with the ways and means to promote business by attracting huge Buy Instagram Followers. 6 Tips to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business are going to be pointed, explained and provided here to help the readers know the tactics. As Instagram is primarily a mobile app, one will need to download it to her or his mobile device before they can sign up for an account. Instagram is free in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store

  • Setting up your brand recognition on Instagram is the first and foremost step to start with business promotion strategy on Instagram. The bio has to be complete and relevant keywords need to be included along with hashtags that increase followers and a link back to your site have to be there.
  • Increasing engagement on Instagram is extremely important. This means finding and exploring ways to attract and buy followers have to be done.
  1. a) Post images on Sundays;
  2.      b) Post few but best quality images only;
  3. c) Post images at 2am or 5 pm as market research shows these are effective times;
  4. d) Use popular hashtags like #photooftheday to increase the photo visibility;
  5. e) Keep posting regularly engaging and relevant images promoting your products or brand etc.

These are the few ways to increase followers on Instagram which will eventually promote business.

  • Try promoting your Instagram account on your other social media online accounts and profiles. Make the action of following your Instagram account tempting to the people targeted, by arranging for distributing or providing coupons or e-vouchers on following you on Instagram.  
  • Instagram permits a maximum of 30 hashtags in a post or comment, but 30 hashtags is too much to use. The fewer hashtags you can use to get quality responses, the better it is. Using a large number of popular hashtags might help you getting a lot of likes from other users, but it probably is not going to increase following impressively, and the interactions you get will likely not be from people interested in your brand, but rather those who just viewed and liked your images.
  • Take pictures and videos to display the way your products or goods are made, especially if the process is unique or interesting, or something your customers ask about often.
  • Always respond to other people’s comments as this shows you are active, interactive and giving importance to the followers.

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Accounting Software To Manage Your Business Financial Tasks

Adding accounting software can help business owners to deal with any complexity when it comes to financial tasks. Intuit Quickbooks as your accounting software has information that you need to keep your business on track. Choosing the right accounting software it is not an easy tasks as the options are plenty. Looking for a worth considering accounting software, several essential factor to put in mind are its features, its price, whether both of them meet your business or not and customer care . Get your business covered with reliable accounting software is exactly what you need, and there are many reasons why you should consider the aforesaid.

Have a small business, it doesn’t mean that you won’t meet with the heftiness of financial tasks. Accounting software like Quickbooks can help you to have full control toward basic financial functions like keeping track toward business expense, invoicing, inventory, and more. Tracking expense and categorize each of them will lead to hassle, but it is not when you choose a proper accounting software. Dealing with inventory and analyze the probability of profit, this software system can do it seamlessly. Do you have problem in managing cash flow?

You can minimize the hassle to get immediate information about clash flow like due date payment of your customer, your bills, and many more. To make a successful business, you have to convince your customers, not only with top quality of your product or service, but in the way you present yourself. Professional presentation is essential, even for something like sales estimate, invoice, and sales receipt. Make your invoice online, and let both you and your clients experience its benefits. You get your payment in instant, and when it comes to your customers, you enhance their experience as you cut down the hassle for the payment process.

Get immediate report about your business like its balance sheet, its profit and loss, and many other more, Quickbooks makes it possible for you. Say goodbye to the hefty situation when it comes to tax. This accounting software can reduce your accountant workloads for easy access of information related to your financial record and other related information. That is not only thing, the fact that you know the estimation of tax that you should pay, the tax rates, and so on, it assists you to manage the tax. Its features alone, you are covered with Quickbooks Support Phone.

No matter how good the system is, error or the software can’t function properly is not zero. In case that something bad occurs to your system, the support team of Quickbooks will instantly fix the root of the problem. If your Enterprise version engages with poor performance, make sure that you directly contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number, so then, your matter can be solved immediately. Quickbooks is an ideal accounting software your business needs to keep on track of business financial tasks. Should you consider this one? Still unsure about your decision, free trial version of this accounting software can help you to decide.


It all started when a casualty’s character was stolen by an illicit worker, who started livelihood under the new personality, which made cases of extortion from both the (Internal Revenue Service) and Social Security Administration as said by Neal O’Farrell, official chief of the Identity Theft Council. The criminal opened various credit extensions and records in the casualty’s name, which turned into a different battle.

Just imagine two states, double driver’s licenses and two sets of DUIs later, the casualty could no more restore her permit and had a criminal record, in addition to various tickets, to her name. Also, she had another house – helpfully bought with her credit by the identity thief.

At the point when the cheat was at long last captured, in North Carolina, she declined to give her genuine personality unless she got it for a diminished sentence and programmed extradition – in light of the fact that she realized that when she got once more into the nation she could start from the very beginning again with the same character.

That is the scariest part about identity fraud: Once your character is traded off, you never realize what else is out there or who may have your data.

Identity theft aversion

Customers can find a way to ensure themselves. Sadly, a great part of the issue originates from organizations that request distinguishing data, for example, on employment applications and printed material for specialist workplaces. As organizations assemble and store everyone of this information on buyers, their inability to protect the money related and recognizing points of interest of customers is basically denying people of their security.

If hanging up the credit and charge cards for good isn’t on your plan, take care of the spots where you do utilize your cards to keep away from thefts.

This type of charge card extortion happens when a criminal accesses your credit or platinum card number through criminal hacking, ATM skimming or maybe you just hand it over when paying at a store said by Robert Siciliano, data fraud master with McAfee.

Other identity theft aversion steps that shoppers can take to secure their significant recognizing data can be summed up in a clever acronym from the Identity Theft Resource Centre called SHRED.

S: Strengthen passwords on the web. Try not to utilize the same secret key on different destinations.

H: Handle distinguishing data with consideration.

R: Read your credit report yearly.

E: Empty your handbag or wallet.

D: Discuss these tips with family and companions.

Fraud isn’t on everybody’s radar, except it ought to be. Ensure loved ones realize that they ought to secure their personality the same way they would secure different resources.